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Sigma SV - where on earth...


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... does the earth lead go?


This should be an easy one. As part of the install of my engine, I've bolted a short earth lead to the engine mount. Now I'm damned if I can see anywhere in the build manual where it should bolt to. I'm assuming the engine as it's only 330mm long, so if noone can shed any light, I'll bolt it to the nearest likely looking place - but I'd like it to be right. Any recent Sigma builders ???

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That's where I was planning to go next. I have to say that the wiring, which was always going to be the tough part for me, seems to be the most poorly described. In the half hour or so since my original post I've come across a few more problems/questions. Would you be able to give me a hand (by proxy of course!)?

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As a non-specific reply...

You need an earth that:

a) Goes to the engine block... starter motor retaining bolt is a good place to try.

b) Another that goes to the frame, such as any of the engine mount to frame bolt but not the centre bolt that hold the engine mounting bracket as this is insulated by its rubber insert.



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For all connections in the engine, I used these photos to figure it all out




The 21st phot shows the connection you are after, I think.


Thanks to exfordy




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Make sure this earth lead is well secured (engine chassis mount to engine fixing point on block) as this is the one Caterham say is most critical for the engine systems. My Sigma was very slightly loose and caused a bad misfire between 5-5,250 revs which only Track & Road managed to find on their RR and a few phone calls.





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