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Full roll cage questions

Paul Deslandes

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Car is 1995 deDion Vx S3


Who makes/supplies full roll cages to suit? Roughly how much are they?

Are there different types - I've seen references to 'tall' cages

Can I haul my stiff 6' 2", 61 year old frame in and out with one fitted without a hoist?

Has anyone got one suitable they'd like to sell?






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I have a tall roadsport cage for sale but not sure if it will fit your chassis - I purchased it from this forum for my 98 dedion car. Advert is in for sale if you do a search.


I've decided to go the lowered floor route with a standard height cage as with this option you can still use the hood.


Originally the cages were made by Safety Devices and there are two types - SLR with curved roof bars and multipoint fixings. Only one height, v expensive second hand and your chassis may not have all the mounting points present. The roadsport has a diagonal roof bar and less fixing points and was made in two heights. I think SD have gone bust.


The other option is a new Caged cage from Caterham. I don't think a tall one is available so you will need a lowered floor and you would be looking at £800 to £1000 for the floor and cage plus fitting.


I sure someone will advise if later dedion cages fit an early chassis.






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Arch can do very easily and then for the front two mounts there is a bracket that bolts through the chassis tube

I'd get Arch to put proper bosses in the top tube as well . . .. that bracket looks a right bodge to me....


Remember that with a tall cage the roof won't fit, and to some (me included) the tall cage looks a bit weird.


As you have a lowered floor, you might find a standard height cage is fine. Try and find some cars to sit in and try, it's the only way to judge for yourself what will work and what level of gymnastics you're prepared to put up with.



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I brought a twin hoop roadsport cage for my car...........hated it......climbing over the top, squeezing through the padding. It made spontaneous journeys in the car a pain, and forget having passengers, especially with the low cage.


MInes for sale, brand new only on for a month...........now theres a sale pitch for you.



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Thanks for the replies guys.


As Adam says, I do have the lowered floor but a bit of extra headroom wouldn't go amiss. I wouldn't try to put the roof on with the cage in place, I'd never get in and out of the bloody thing. I once tried it in an Arrowstar race car about 10 years ago and it was difficult enough then without the roof. I'm not too worried about the appearance so much as improving safety. I'm starting to feel a bit vulnerable in my old age.


Ian, do you have any pictures of your cage? I really need to decide whether I'm going to put my back out every time I use the car before I shell out £300. If you don't have a website to post them to you can email me at paul@rocott.co.uk.


Many thanks





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Whether you need a tall cage or not is dependent not so much on your height but the length of your body vs your legs. If you have a short body and long legs you not have any trouble making the height even without a lowered floor. If you're the other way around (like me) you may struggle and need a tall cage.


Where do you sit in the car? i.e. As a guide if you sit right back in the cockpit, with a lowered floor you should be easily under a standard height cage. If you sit a bit forward you won't be using the full lowering of the floor so you might struggle with a standard height cage.


Both Caged and standard SD cages are the same height, and this is the same height as the standard height FIA bar (the one the weather gear fits). So if you're able to get in the car with the weather gear on without your head touching it, thats a good starting point.


Part of the reason there is no 'tall' Caged cage is that they were only supplied on later (2004 onwards) racecars, all of which have lowered floors.


FWIW the usual access to the car with a cage on is through the top of the cage, not the side. Don't know if you knew that? The access is no different between standard and tall cages in that case.


And if your primary concern is safety, have you got/considered a side impact bar? Again, there are 2 types... *tongue*

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C.racer. Thanks for the info, didn't know any of that. I'm over 6'2" with long body. I've recently installed lowered floor and my helmet top is now regulation 50mm below top of standard FIA rollover bar. I sit right back and the foam seat back is very thin at the base so my bum is as far back as it can go. The lowered floor pushes this point forward a bit as you will know. I can scramble in and out of the car with the weather gear on (not that I ever use it unless its really chucking it down on a long trip). There are rumours that sprint and hill climb rules are going to change v.v. use of 1B tyres on open topped cars. Currently some regions are advising use of full roll cage but may make them mandatory on, in my view and shared by many others, the false theory that 1B tyres are less safe than 1A tyres in the wet. However if it goes that way I will need a cage. I'm also doing some quite hairy hills in France this year and would like to feel a bit safer considering the speeds involved.


Presumably the side impact bars are extra to the cage and I guess they stiffen the side of the car. Maybe its time to move to saloons!





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Sounds like if you're keeping your foam seat you'd just about be OK with a std height cage, but if you want to go for a tillett or S-types you'd need a tall one.


It's actually the cage that improves the stiffness of the car, AFAIK the side impact bar makes little or no difference. It's much more about safety - i.e. the other car/tree/whatever hits the bar rather than you. I will send you a pic so you can see what I mean.


The older style SI bar means you can't open the door with it fitted (you can have the door there, just not swing it open), the newer style allows the door to open but doesn't give you the same kind of protection IMO. And is combined with the wheel intrusion bar so is twice the price and you hardly ever see one of these for sale second hand.


FWIW the Grads club has made cages mandatory as of last year for Supers and Megas, they have been standard in the Academy for a number of years and it's rare you see a racing Caterham these days without one. I have no experience of sprinting or hillclimbing so I can't comment about whether you'd need one there.

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