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oh no! my wheels don't fit!!!!!

Kevin Baker

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I'm now the proud owner of a pair of 8" lightweight alloy wheels - Caterham part no. 77298 - shod with 205/60 Toyo 888s for the rear of my car.


Lovely sunny day, so lets get fitting, only take 5 minutes.......... or so I thought.

But nothings ever that easy - is it?

The wheels don't go on as they hit the anti-roll bar linkage!!!!

mmm.... wasn't mentioned when I parted with my cash.

Surely I don't have to disconnect the rear anti-roll bar and run without? or do I?


Over to the power of blatchat *redface*



Superlight 143 - Y Ddraig Oren Bach

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if mr hay's suggestion doesn't work the roll bar linkage has been in a few locoations over the years. mine's above the axle centreline. some are underslung. Perhaps you have wheels designed for one and not the other? I expect you can swap but it's proably not a moments work
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