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wheel bearing

Pat the Plumber

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how many miles would you normally expect these to last?

i had my car MOT'd yesterday by Robin in Stratford on Avon as recommended by BC, very helpful. He pointed out the front n/s wheel has a tiny amount of play. The car has less than 4k miles on the clock.

he thought it might be the sperical joint on the suspension upright. however looking through the archives it seems wheel bearings are more likly to be the problem.

upon taking the front wheel off to clean prior to Stoneleigh(sad, i know) the hub cap has alot of grease compared to none on the o/s.

is this just confirming the problem, and cause of the play.

YES it did pass, don't know how. the headlights are miles out and can't adjust by undoing the nut under the light. *confused*

the front number plate was promptly cut off as soon as round the corner, as every little counts in the weight department 😬


Duratec is the way forward!!

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they're adjustable. You should check the fronts fairly frequently for oplay and tighten accordingly. i never really bother with the rears which don't give much trouble.


remove youor wheel and the little black knock off centre cap. Under there is a 17mm nut if I recall the size correctly. Rem[ove the split pin and wind thte nut in a little. There are two holes you can put the pin into, select the one that suits the 'tightness' you want in the bearing. After greasing and tightening, run the car for a few miles thene recheck, they've usually got ta little loose, i tend tot do mine on the tight side to avoid the disassembly required due to thie movement of the grease.

i expect you don't need new bearings at all. PS, worth avoiding listening to MOT gargaes where 7's are concerned. If in doubt go to a 7 specialist for verification (or a club meeting)

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