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Clutch slip

Tim V-W

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Went out for a short blat yesterday evening and over the course of a week (last blat last Sunday) the clutch take up seems to have moved such that just resting my foot on the pedal causes the clutch to start slipping.


A quick look at the cable last night suggested that none of the adjusters were loose.


Immediately after fitting the 1800 and for the 500 miles i've done so far the biting point has seemed pretty much as it was before the change - then suddenly *confused*


I will see if it can be adjusted out but is it likely that this is due to bedding in after fitting the new engine, or, is there likely to be something more to it.


PITA on the Stoneleigh weekend ☹️





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Hello SM25T


I didn't replace the clutch because the 1400 had only done 7500 miles and it looked to have plenty of material left on the plate. I didn't measure it but looking at threads it seemed OK.


As soon as I get a chance today I'll look to see if the actuator end is tight and hope that adjustment will cure it. Of course if its been slipping for 500 miles it might be kak now anyway ☹️

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When my clutch started slipping it was caused by the lack of silicon sealant around the yop hole in the paper gasket between gearbox and bellhousing - this allows a small amount of oil to drip into the bell housing occasionally and eventually there is enough build up to contaminate the clutch. You can look inside the bell housing easliy enough to see if this is happening.


It's only taken four and a half years - I have started my website at last! Early days yet . . .

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