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KevSull Too

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I am sad.




I am essentially neutral on this subject.




I am happy because I have hair.




I am distressed because there is something in my eye, and I have no hair.




Although there is something in my eye, I am happy because I have a new hat.




I am happy despite the fact that I have a broken nose, no hair, and no hat. In all likelihood, I am an idiot.




Although I have a new hat and sunglasses, my nose is broken, and the status of my hair is unknown. I am not happy or sad ... my mood can best be described as ambivalent; I ride the razor's edge between exaltation and despair, with the result being an odd ennui that buries my mind in muzzy self-reflection.



/ ------/


/ ------/



I am an exhibitionist. Come join me in a celebration of the human body.



/ --++/


' / ---++/



I am an exhibitionist who has just been involved in a crosswalk hit-and-run automobile accident. I require immediate medical attention, and very likely, years and years of counselling from a licensed mental health practitioner.


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Hmmmm, hope my boss isn't reading this.....


Actually, I'm having periods of manic activity, followed by around 1.5 mins of dead time. Coincidentally exactly enough time to cut from an email (hotmail, not the company email system, wouldn't be that irresponsible) that an out of work friend is sending me, and to paste it into a new topic here!



(right, that should cover my a5s for now! Note to self: 'Need to be more subtle in future'.)


Hey Rich, nice one! Go ahead and blow my cover, why don't you....


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Oh, and if anyone knows how to configure Veritas Open Transaction Manager to back up open files from a W2K server to NetBackup DataCentre Server on UNIX, please let me know. I could then get on with some work and not just sit on my ar5e waiting for a call back from Veritas support.......
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Set the backup flag on locked or open records to update in the roll-back log and add the diff to the end of the netbackup so you can reconstruct the state entries on restore.


Backing up open transactions is like lifting off mid-corner, you might have to do it but you'll usually be sorry.

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