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The stat is that 'Over 99%' have an above average number. therefore the percentage of people with one or no legs is less than 1% - i.e. anywhere between 0% and 1%. therefore, no need for large numbers of monopedal Chinese!



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True, but then it wouldn't be funny, and, in the true tradition of lies and damn statistics I choose to interpret "over" as being "infinitesimally over", or, as close to 99% as makes no difference and therefore my shock at the number of one-legged people is still justified !


teeth.gif Simon

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I am surprised at both of you for arguing over such meaningless statistics - petty squabbles demean the truly sevenesquely spiritual nature of this site.


If you visit ANY high street shoe store you will see racks and racks of either left shoes or right shoes being displayed, this surely proves that there are large numbers of one legged chinese people that hop down to the local high street to buy shoes when both of you are not looking...




(Rory reaches for more super strength headache pills!)



Edited by - Rory McLeod on 21 Feb 2002 19:43:54

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