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please bomb us !!!

Jam Mad

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unusually, this is all true, but it made me chuckle !!!


from bloomberg news service...


Green Beret Tricked Afghanistan's Taliban Into Targeting Selves


Washington, Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- An Arabic-speaking Green

Beret on the first U.S. team into Afghanistan last October

established radio contact with Taliban commanders and tricked them

into disclosing their positions -- a tactic that enabled the U.S.

to perfect its air strikes and to cement an alliance with the

Northern Alliance, according to the team's leader.

``They would assume that since we were speaking Arabic we

were part of their forces,'' Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Diaz

said. ``They would tell us `the command headquarters is fine, the

bombs hit 500 meters to our left.'

``We continued to call on the radio until the command was

eliminated. That was the technique we used for the next two and

half weeks until we killed their radios and most of the





Team members noticed that Khan's commanders [Northern Alliance] held radio conversations with Taliban counterparts, Diaz said. Using these frequencies, a Green Beret and Northern Alliance troops speaking Arabic fooled Taliban commanders into providing near-instant bomb damage assessments that allowed in air strikes using a combination of maps, grid coordinates, high-powered optics, and laser


``It was cause for some amusement,'' McCormack said. ``We

were going with what we were given. If they were going to tell us

where to drop these bombs, by all means we were not going to



--Tony Capaccio in the Washington newsroom at (202) 624-1911 or

acapaccio@bloomberg.net. Editors: Schmick, *Cox.




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