What counts as “no longer a novice”?

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What counts as “no longer a novice”?

Car / engine work dependent, I'm pondering some track days in 2022.

Question, how much experience before you can claim to no longer be a novice?

I'm vaguely thinking Croft for the novice sessions, then possibly Blyton, but I'm a big fan of Donington Park, which, I've driven many years ago (Jim Russell race school, 1990-something), but... "for intermediate and experienced drivers only".

Tony Whitley
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I would say a novice is someone who is not confident on track, whether intermediate means a couple of track days under your belt or ten depends on you. Car performance has little or no bearing - as long as a slower car is aware of what's going on they won't be a problem.
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I asked this question myself recently as I wanted to attend the Castle Combe Novice Trackday (which offers both novice and experienced groups). I've driven there a lot in my previous Elise, but only once in my Seven.

From the Castle Combe novice track day description:

"aimed specifically at members who class themselves as a novice or newcomer, or those who may need a comprehensive refresh after a substantial period away from any track activity."

So I think Tony's "not confident on track" definition is a good one.

One thing to note is that if you attend a novice trackday in the experienced group (as I will be) you may not get an instructor session as novices get priority.

I'd ask Simon Maitland his opinion on Donington Park. Most people go on track for the first time at a standard track day, but it might be better to start back at an easier circuit if you've not done it for a long time. Instructor sessions always boost confidence too Thumbup


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Simon Maitland
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Hi Antony

Drop me an email  trackdays@caterhamlotus7.club  with your phone number and I will call you and we can have a chat.

Simon M