Ever wanted to drive the Nordschleife in your Cat?

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Interesting, I have always trailered my R500 K there. With screen and half doors I don't think I more than about 80mph. After my first attempt I purchased my 4 section panoramic mirror so that when three Porsches passed me in line abreast it was interesting rather than scary. Yes they made me look like I was parked. Not sure how many times I have been over the years. Had cars spinning out in front of me, or going slowly, nearly losing it etc etc. I find in the Seven it's like the ordinary roads, if more extreme but the "navigating around" whatever is going on in front is much the same. The track is wide and that gives room for dodging. 

I think the scary aspect of the 'ring isn't the corners, those are all fun and level the playing field a bit. It's the "vertical bends". The rises heading in to blind dips. Add a bit of oil in the dip and the recipe for mayhem is ready. 

I've never been sure I want to learn the 'ring. I like it as a road not a race track. Clearly I remember bits, possibly much of it as it unfolds in front of me. My usual time is about 14 minutes. Not 7.5 .

Yes a day on it sounds like fun and less risky.


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People have probably seen this already but it makes the hairs stand up for me, even after a good few viewings:




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Nicely done ... he was on the ragged edge a few times !

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#23 That is mega @DanRo! I'd not seen it before. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it Clap

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That's a great initiative. I'm in.

I was in the DN track day the same day as you, and agree, the driving standards were great, very respectful and quite safe. However only your Caterham and mine where there, so I fully support initiatives like these to have more cars alike in the Ring.

It's true that DN "does not accept novices but just experienced track day drivers", which helps on the driving standards side, but limits those who want to have the first experience in the Ring. Anyhow I have nothing but positives to say about Darren and their operation.

The other great option is RSR, who as well provides tuition. I'd say they are the "masters" of the Ring in terms of organizing events, providing tuition and even rentals. Maybe I am biased because I know them and use their services in the Ring and Spa, but in any case it is another option to consider in case the dates offered by DN doe not work. And both organizers get along well and support each other.

So yes, count on me for this (hopefully the dates will work) and will be happy to drive from Switzerland as I usually do.

Thank you very much again for the initiative.

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I could be interested. I did it on a bike, which scared the crap out of me (even though I was a regular bike racer at the time). Never done it in a car, and definitely don't fancy TF.

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I think the "exit corner, check your mirrors for radicals, move to the right if on a straight, don't dive the inside, don't go round the outside" that we all learn pretty quickly on trackdays is worth much much more than having done 1000 laps on a computer game. I have zero interest in TF

I'd REALLY like to do Spa and Nurburgring and Bilsterberg, but Bilsterberg really would require a trailer (which isn't impossible).


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Just to give people a flavour of when we might be looking at going, 2023 dates are likely to be announced soon.

In 2022, Destination Nürburgring had the following dates:

  • 9 May
  • 11 & 12 July
  • 19 & 20 Sep

Circuit days had the following dates:

  • 19 & 20 Apr
  • 22 July
  • 14 Oct


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I think DN will announce their 2023 dates in December, so I'll be keeping a look out for those. 


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I would be up for this for sure!

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