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Alan Reeves
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i tried to post this morning on this thread, it would not accept 




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Still very slow and crashing for me. Very difficult to find this thread, TEST doesn't  show in the drop down from Blatchat ?

Tony Whitley
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FWIW I'm not having any particular problems on Windows 11 PC (Edge), iPad (FF) or Android (FF).

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I've not seen any problems posting whether on an iPad (Safari on iOS 15.2) or Linux PC (FF 95.0.2 on Fedora 35)


Jonathan Kay
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If I experienced what's described above I'd:

1 Try a different device if possible.

2 Log out and immediately back in on the affected device, and see if it made a difference.

3 If it didn't then I'd delete the browser's caches and cookies and history on the affected device, and ditto.

4 Share the outcome of those tests, including device, operating system and browser.

Happy Christmas

Jonathan (No problems on two Macs with Safari, and an iPhone with Safari)

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In response to #26

Well, yes, pretty obviously.  And some of us have done that (and are living with the inconvenience that follows on from deletion of cookies) to confirm that it makes no difference and yields no improvement.

I understand that Andrew (IT Lead) will be working on the issue with NDP, the Club's website provider, as soon as normal working patterns are resumed, presumably next week.  I support that decision for now, so long as the current levels of problem do not increase, to avoid spending Club resources on premium charge-rates that would apply during the holiday season.


Golf Juliet Tango
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I have had no problems on Android using DuckDuckGo or Windows using Firefox.

I can try Chrome on either device, expect an update.

Update using Chrome on Android handset.


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For me,

Chrome on Windows 10 laptop - no problems 

Chrome on iOS 15 - slow or failing to upload pages on 1st attempt but strangely hitting 'reload' on 2nd attempt and the page opens instantly.

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Andrew 21 Edney
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If anyone is having issues such that they can't post to say that they have issues please do email me at itlead@caterhamlotus7.club so I can guage the extent of the issue.

Club IT Lead, former Seven and 21 owner

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Often very slow to respond for me on Windows 10 laptop using Edge.  When slow it says waiting for www.caterhamlotus7.club to respond


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