Vauxhall VX 1.8 ECU problem advice

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Vauxhall VX 1.8 ECU problem advice

Hi all, need a bit of advice.

Took the Beaulieu to Hangar 111 to get the Webers tuned up today, but they've found an underlying fault which explains why I've never been able to get it running quite right.

The issue is, the car has an MBE 956i ecu on it, which is not varying the ignition timing in reality compared to the map that's loaded on it. They also found another strange problem, that the ECU has a 12v supply to it, yet its only seeing just over 8v. They reckon that something has broken down in the ECU, and were surprised it was still working. 

After talking to them, I believe we have three options:

A - Replace the ecu for a more modern one, they recommended an Omex.

B - Get the existing ECU repaired, or replace it with a second hand one.

C - Get rid of the ECU altogether, and get a distributor. 

I'd appreciate any opinions on which option should go down, we're not looking to get the car putting out much more than standard, just want it running well.

Thanks in advance