Rough running at light throttle- Update

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John Vine
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Well, that's what I call a good-news story.  Thanks for the update.

But I'm surprised CC didn't spot an over-tightened TPS (or the stiff throttle action).


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To be fair to them, they did replace the catalyst and the throttle stiffness was quite subtle. I can't be absolutely certain which of my changes solved the problem.  Possibly more than one could have contributed.  I was contemplating spending money on a rolling road session and re-map, so decided to fix all the simple things that could be the source of the issue before going to that expense.  It was also an interesting educational exercise to use easimap and log the engine data.  

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It is not uncommon for a TPS to bind on the end of a throttle shaft, it happens on just about every set of Jenvey TBs I fit which retain the OE TPS, so I always space them on the mountings to ensure this does not happen.


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Wrong thread! Apologies.



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