Oil Catch Can Splatter

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Suggest using an oil and petrol resistant hose.

unless you're venting to the intake manifold the hoses won't see vacuum or much pressure, so you just need something that can deal with being under the bonnet, and with the oil.


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Right, so while I was talking to Lee at Caterham about something else, I quizzed him on the mystery of the vented cap in addition to hose to the inlet manifold on the factory can setup. He said that even with the hose to the inlet manifold the vented cap was still required to stop over pressurisation of the crankcase. I've no idea why a sealed can is fine on a Fiesta ST with what appears to be the same plumbing, but there you go - from the horse's mouth.


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Thank Tim.  Bizzare, although there would be no problem if they provided something better than a 50p plastic catch can. If it were baffled there'd be no splatter. In other news I can confirm that my little breather filter solution has worked perfectly and despite a 400mile blast on the Taffia run, there is no oil misting in the engine bay at all :-)

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