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Oil Catch Can

Hello, my first post here and looking for advice. 

I part-own a 2012 ex-Academy car which is used mainly for track days. The engine is still standard Academy spec, although there are other modifications to the car.

We did 5 track days last year and a few hundred road miles. Over this time we had minimal oil collect in the catch can (which surprised me), however, following a day at Silverstone this Monday the can is now around 20% full. 

Could anyone advise on what is "normal" here?

Thanks in advance


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Either engine over full or too much piston blow by leading to excessive crankcase pressure ie engine knacked.

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paul richards
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Have you topped up the oil before Silverstone? Sigma race cars tend blow out oil until it is minimum on dipstick. 
Check your oil and if it's on minimum or above I wouldn't worry. 

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If it's not putting oil out on the road I wouldn't worry too much. It's quite normal to blow out quite a bit of oil in a heavy track session, that's why track cars have catch tanks fitted after all. Constant red-line with full throttle and heavy G-forces will result in gases and oil going where they don't normally go.

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Are sigma race cars much different to 310Rs? Mine doesn't seem to collect any more oil than normal on a track day.


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