Is my roll over bar dead?

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Is my roll over bar dead?

Noticed a hairline crack right next to the bolt, as an avid track day'er I assume this means it's safety is badly compromised and I should replace? Or are there repair options?

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That doesn't look like a crack in the metal, just the powder coat lifting off the surface and cracking open. Probably just needs some removal of the loose powder coat, surface rust removal and a touch up with black paint.


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It maybe (if you are lucky) that the crack is just in the powder coating or paint finish.

Can you remove the bolt and check the inside surface of the mounting hole?

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The main load path is through into the frame not onto that little tab. If for some reason it’s cracked then the flex is something more to be worried about. You would be able to have it welded up 

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Almost certainly the powder coat.  Poke it with a small screwdriver and see if it lifts off.  

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Powder coat is my guess too. As the whole assembly is a welded structure a proper weld repair should be ok in my view. Perhaps arch can advise if it proves necessary

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Powder coat cracking a dead certainty. Wait until it occurs on the inboard ends of the lower front wishbones then one gets worried !