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You can bend the W-clips with pliers before you start fitting them.

Andy Lef
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Anyone got any pics of the Cafe Racer LEDs on main, dipped and DRL to show how good they are?



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I fitted the cafe racer 5 3/4 ones without any issues on my 2014 car. The 3 clips are a fiddle but the units didn't require any fettling to fit. Just be sure the springs go in the same way them come out.

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Well my cafe racer units are on! (And in). Few points / observations from the install..

- I flattened out the W clips using two pairs of pliers.

- There is no clear marking as to which way up they go. There is a printed label on the inside of the unit. When this is the correct way up, the unit is upside down. There is some tiny writing on the edge of the outer polycarbonate bowl - this should be at the top.

- The sidelight bulb needs removing and the red wire attaching to the white wire on the CR unit. An insulated red female bullit connector is needed. Black wire (earth) needs snipping off at the terminal.

- Headlamp ring was a little tight when reattaching. Had to hold it firmly in place to align the fixing hole to ensure the bolt didnt cross thread.

All done in about 40mins. Just need a flat surface and wall to adjust them (our drive slopes so no good).

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Thanks for the tips Ian. This is one of my first planned upgrades when I get my car next year!

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Still not been out in the dark with my Original Cafe Racer units fitted so not able to offer a review of the performance. I know the Caterham units are not perfect with someone telling me that on full beam the area immediately in front of the car is unlit. I would think the Cafe Racer ones will be similar.

Will report back once I have driven in the dark.


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I've got wisamic LED lights on my car and they are fantastic in the dark. 

No night time picture, but this is the car just on sidelights.

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Do you happen to have a link with where you got them from?

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If you're interested in seeing what the JAL [Caterham] lights look like at night, at 2m17 in to this short video I have them on, and put full beam on.

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