K series and Type 9 gearbox oilchange

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I'm with JV #20 on this. The original assembly ( on the left in the picture) was incredibly stiff, but the quaife one is very smooth and free moving when removed from the box. I have dismantled it and cleaned it,although there was virtually no signs of dirt or water ingress or contamination.

I am now quite sure that the gearstick assembly is fine. Everything I have done so far points to a 'sticky' box.

I may try to raise the clutch bite point a little more, and it may well be with a chat with Road and Race. Many thanks


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I just removed my engine and of course the T9 dumped all of it's oil.  I was planning to refill with Redline MT-90.  Is MTL a better choice?

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you may have lost some oil out of the tail housing as you pulled the motor but there's still a fair bit in the box - despite your garage floor now being fully waterproofed..... Biglaugh 

MTL is a lighter grade at 75w80  Thumb Up