Hundred thousand mile Caterham? Has anyone been round the clock?

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Golf Juliet Tango
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Hanns, that is really impressive. It has taken me 23 years!


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Definitely over 100K on my car but no idea on the actual mileage as I'm on a digital dash now that current shows less than 4000 miles :O

There isn't much left from my original 1992 car, it's definitely more triggers broom than carefully maintained classic.

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Well done, Hanns.  That gives me great encouragement for my CSR.  I do more miles in it than I do int he tint top.

But I wonder, I can usually get insurance for 10,000 miles a year, but not more.  What do you high mileage Seveners do about insurance?


Hanns Per
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Hello Alan, car insuranceis  here not by milage  its by time regardless how many miles You drive Hanns Per

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And on the other end of the spectrum, my recently acquired '99 K series - only 16k miles. And I have probably had more problems to solve over the last few months than I care to mention - almost all of which can be blamed on lack of use!

In my previous car I averaged about 5k a year - trying to get back there!






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Steve Shaw, late of this parish, has done a fair few miles... he used his 7 as a daily driver for a decade (or more):  see here for more info