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Fuel Gauge Polarity

Hi, I have put a new Ford Fuel pump in my 620S because Caterham were out of stock. It should be the same, however the fuel gauge went up as miles went on until completely full. I then put in 30l and the needle is at empty. Does anybody know if this is just the polarity and whether switching the cables will resolve the issue? Thanks.

Jonathan Kay
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Is this an integrated pump and level sensor?

Have you got a multimeter, and would you like a wiring diagram?

Probably fixable, but I wouldn't swap anything before checking the circuit, including how everything is earthed.


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Is it the exact same part number? If it is then it should work as normal as nothing, apart from sometimes the arm, is changed from the standard Ford part.

I'd be concerned if its a different part number unit and not use it. If its exactly the same part number then its a bit odd.