Engine won't start - 160

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Chris and Kate
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Engine won't start - 160

Is there a simple fix for this issue?

The car is used every week and ran perfectly last time out.

I put the key in the ignition, turned the key and waved the immobilser black tag thing under the dash.

The immobiliser light went out and I pressed the start button.

Nothing but a faint hum.

I have tried unplugging the battery for ten mins to see if that resets anything but no luck. I have also taken off the solenoid/fuse box cover and checked that everything is pushed home into its socket.

Headlights and wipers work fine.

Jonathan Kay
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1 Any recent work on it? Has it been drowned?

2 Recycle immobiliser.

3 Check inertia cut-off switch.

4 Measure battery voltage at rest and as you try to crank. (Or failing that try jumping off another battery or vehicle.)

5 Check all relevant connections and earths, including battery, starter, and engine block earth.


PS: Please me know if you'd like an Assembly Guide (with wiring diagram) and Owner's Handbook (with layout of fuses and relays).

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Battery not fully charged ?