Duratec critical spares

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Rich Goddard
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Duratec critical spares

I'm interested to know what critical spares others carry to trackdays (or touring) - particularly Duratec powered cars?

I'm quite new to Duratec ownership (having switched from K series) and have a few trackdays planned this year.

Thanks, Rich

2015 Supersport R 210bhp  


Jonathan Kay
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Rich Goddard
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Couple of excellent threads, thanks Jonathan. 


SuperSport R (2015) 210bhp.

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After my last track day, I should have taken a whole spare Duratec Getmecoat


John Vine
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When I tour France, I'm always solo.  I also stick to minor D-roads whenever possible, so I like to be able to fix problems en route if at all possible.  That requires a comprehensive toolkit, plus basic spares including:

Fluids (oil, coolant)
5L petrol can
Throttle cable
Assortment of Jubilee clips
Assortment of Econoseal connectors
Assortment of wire
Cable ties
Exhaust bobbin
Spark plugs
Assortment of nuts, bolts, washers
Puncture repair kit (Sealey)
Tyre inflator (Ring)
Half hood
SBFS long shower cap
Tow rope
Ratchet straps
Lambda sensor

[ETA]  Selection of fuses
[ETA]  Serpentine belt (Gates 6PK 1320)

Of course, all this adds weight, but the combination of 220 horses and no passenger easily makes up for that!


wild bill
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I always used to tour with throttle cable plus a coil and an alternator, both of which i needed. Changing the alternator required bribing a local garagiste with a bottle of red to use his ramp. Luckily I speak french so the requirement was clear. The alternators on Duratecs seem prone to failure in my personal experience and I have always thought it was down to positioning and it's susceptability to water ingress during heavy weather. This is pure conjecture on my part. I've had 2 alternator failures both after travelling in heavy rain. anyway Waadoo i know

7 wonders of th...
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out of interest which alternator are you using and which side is it fitted....?

Are you tracking the car and if so what pullet's are you using on crank, alt and pump...?