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Re wheel stud length there is a good thread worth reading here

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Appears that the Mot 'Inspector' is a font of all knowledge & common sense is not the overiding factor. 

I have read in many places that the discs are inspected for 'SIGNIFICANT WEAR, being worn below the manufacturer’s recommended limits isn’t a reason in itself'. A visual inspection is all that is called for so the Inspector must have laser calibrated vernier eyes, unless of course the discs are so thin it is obvious......

As others here have stated the universally accepted minimum thickness for a solid disc is 12mm. Vented 18mm. But there is of course some small latitude.

Best not to give the Inspector or garage your custom ever again if he is that picky. Especially where non existent oil leaks are concerned!

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Yes I agree wholeheartedly and have advised the new owner of the car to never return with any of his significant collection.

Wish the right of appeal were transparent but feel that the amount of time and effort is not worth it, simply removing business and advising others is the way to go (the new owner is fairly well known in his small community and this will have the requisite effect)

Many thanks for your help and I guess the caution is "find someone you know and trust and stick with them"