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Alignment from Spain

Hello, I live in the south of Spain, I have a 2003 1.6 K Roadsport EU3. I use it for road drive only, but always in mountain curved roads. In the last time I feel it not as  balanced as before and the dampers use to be ok and with no leaks. I think they never checked in the car the wheel alignment. I think it's time to do it. Which camber/caster and toe in/toe out must be the right one for drive it in curved roads but not track??, must I check it without driver or must I check it with driver inside (or equivalent weight)??, ¿¿any more advise??.

Thank you, regards, David.

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Firstly have a good through chaeck on all suspension components for wear and play or just loose bolts, damper mounts lower bolts inot lower wishbone (which can loosen) bushes, front raidus arm bolts on rear suspension upper damper mount and all 3 A frame mounts.

Have you got your own alignment kit..?

Geometry should be checked with ballast to reflect driver ( and passenger if applicable)

What tyres size and make and how old are they...?  what pressure..?

Do you have adjustable spring seats on your coilovers..? if so measure to the nearest millimetre the spring length with the wheels free, set front the same,  rear add 3 turns of preload to the drivers side rear - more if lockdown has been unkind Rofl

Set rake - 15mm is a good starting place.


You should have 1.5deg ears on that year but these do vary so check and report back if you find on side is a way out in camber or toe you may need to check the deDion tube for damage and to see if the ends are parallel in both axis. you need to remove hte ears etc for this (pop the hubs and driveshafts out as complete units).

Front check adjust in this order

Caster 4 washers if you can get them all in slightly heavier steering but increases dynamic camber in tight low speed corners

Front camber look in the region of 1.6 deg NEG

Front toe out 20mins

Have you had bump steer checked..?



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Remember that David has an S4. 


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Yes he does but this question is about a 2003 1.6 K Roadsport EU3


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JK #12 - though always informative & producing good techy info the ride height  in the post is useable but out of date in comparison with the later offering:

Adjust front dampers to achieve a minimum of 150mm between ground & front chassis rail where the rear leg of the front wishbone exits the side of the body. (this can be increased to a maximum of 190mm for road use)

Adjust rear dampers to achieve a height 15mm higher than the front measured to the underside of the lower chassis rail immediately in front of the 'A' frame mounting point.

For most owners & those that set up cars the figures are not sacrosanct. Obviously a decent front to rear rake should be achieved but one of the most important measurements never mentioned is sump ground clearance.  Minimum of 75-80mm or rolling coke can height.