Taffia Fish & Chip Run - 13th May 2023 (We have a few spare places!)

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Taffia Fish & Chip Run - 13th May 2023 (We have a few spare places!)

31st March - We have had a number of duplicate registrations and a few people who have had to drop out - meaning we've got some spare places. So if you'd like to take part please send me a pm and I'll see if we can squeeze you on to the list.

16th March - Registration is now closed as we have reached 300.


13th March Update

2023 F&C Run – Entries to be capped at 300

The popularity of this year’s Fish & Chip Run has really taken us by surprise.  We thought that last year’s event, held so soon after Covid, with everyone keen to explore the country on their sevens, was the high point with over 200 cars taking part.

However, with two months still to go until this year’s event we already have over 260 cars registered – almost half being first timers.  Realistically, to run a safe and enjoyable event, we can’t practically cope with many more cars taking part.  We have therefore decided to cap the number of entries at 300 (a 50% increase on 2022).

Hopefully we’ll see a similar increase in donations to PRC from the £2500 raised last year. Thank you to the 22 members who have already donated £515.

We would therefore encourage anyone who hasn’t yet registered to do so now using this link.  If you have already registered but now find you won’t be able to take part in the event please do let me know so I can reallocate your entry.

I will update this post when we reach 300 cars registered.

Andrew Wiggins


Taffia Fish & Chip Run - 13th May 2023

The Taffia are already working hard on the plans for the 2023 Taffia Fish & Chip Run which will take place on for Saturday 13th May.  We’re already looking forward to welcoming friends, old and new, to Wales.

Over 200 cars took part in 2022’s F&C Run.  We were pleasantly surprised by the increasing popularity of the event and the fact that almost 100 were F&C Run first timers.  For 2023 we will not only be bringing you all the benefits of a day out with the Taffia, sampling some of the best scenery in Wales, but also hope to offer a bit extra for those with the time and inclination.  More of that anon.

If you’ve never heard of the Fish & Chip Run – where have you been? It’s an annual one-day blat that takes you from Chepstow to the picturesque seaside resort of Aberdyfi on the Welsh coast some 140 miles away. It’s now arguably the biggest annual event in the Club’s calendar. John Martin’s excellent video provides a great overview of the event.

The 280-mile round trip covers some of the finest roads in Wales, taking in: the Top Gear Black Mountain test road, Epynt Ranges, Beulah rollercoaster and the Staylittle Pass across the rooftop of Wales before we reach the prom at Aderdyfi for Fish & Chips.  We then reverse the route and meander back to Chepstow.

A route book, with full written road directions and suggested fuel stops, will be available online in advance to pre-registered participants, with paper copies available to members who register on the day.

It’s worth noting that while the route remains familiar, we are planning a number of changes, additions and options.  In particular:

  • The start will now be from Hanley Farm Shop at Tidenham (NP167NA), just outside Chepstow on the A48.  It has more than enough room for all our cars as well as excellent catering.
  • For those thinking of turning the event into weekend we’ll be adding a couple of extra short optional circular blats – one en-route to Aberdyfi and another for Sunday morning taking in roads north of Aberdyfi. Each should take no more than an hour and both provide great scenery and refreshment stops.
  • To provide an added opportunity to socialise we’re looking to hold a BBQ at Hanley’s on the Friday evening.
  • Our popular Pop-Up campsite will be operating again in the large garden of a Taffia member.

Once again, we’ll be looking to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research.  In 2022 the event raised a fabulous £2,500 for the charity.  We’re suggesting a minimum donation of £10 per car.  You can donate via the Club’s dedicated F&C Run Just Giving page.

If you are intending to join us for the 2023 F&C Run, please can you complete this short questionnaire. Your responses will not only help us to manage the event logistics but also enable us to add you to the pre-registration list.

Taffia F&C Run Update - Feb

So far almost 40% of the 155 cars registering for the event belong to F&C Run first timers.  Given the large number of first timers we've written a novice’s guide to the event.  It might also be useful for previous participants given we're adding some extra elements this year.

The Taffia Fish & Chip Run – Tips for First Timers

You’ll probably never see so many 7s on a blat as you will do on the Fish & Chip Run. It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow seveners, chat about our cars and travel through brilliant scenery.

The Fish & Chip Run is a 260-mile round trip from Chepstow to Aberdyfi on some great roads. That’s a long way in a tin top, never mind a 7.  Expect to spend at least 6 hours behind the wheel.  With that in mind you might want to consider making a weekend of it – giving you more time to enjoy the roads and scenery.

For a taster of the event, you might want to consider watching the Club’s excellent YouTube F&C Run video        

Take time to enjoy

If you’re travelling for more than an hour or two to get to the start why not consider a stopover in/around Chepstow on the Friday evening (you could come along to our BBQ). We also have a pop-up campsite – set up especially for this event in a member’s garden near Chepstow (It does have toilets and showers).  It’s had excellent reviews from fellow seveners. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a hotel in Chepstow a popular choice is The Two Rivers.

Always drive within your capabilities and the road conditions.  Please respect the speed limits and be aware that are some places where the limit is just 20mph.  Don’t be tempted to hang on to the tail of a group if it’s going faster than you’re comfortable with - that’s the recipe for disaster.  We recommend that groups should number no more than 5 cars.  If you get into a bigger group, consider pulling over, enjoying the views and creating some space. Wherever you stop you’ll soon find a fellow sevener stopping to chat.


In terms of personal preparation – no matter what the weather forecast be equipped for the opposite.  Of course, it’s always sunny by the time you reach the seaside in Aberdyfi. We’d also suggest that you start the event with a full tank – most cars should be able to reach Aberdyfi without topping up (it’s roughly 130 miles from Chepstow). There are a number of petrol stations on the route.

On Saturday aim to arrive at the start Handley Farm Shop (NP16 7NA) between 8 and 9am (it’s also the location of our BBQ the night before).  That will give you time to get a coffee and a bacon buttie and meet new friends.  We usually have a briefing at 9.00am before we see people start leave around 10am.

We discourage everyone setting off at once.  Long snakes of 7s aren’t much fun and there is no rush to get to Aberdyfi.  And don’t worry if you get lost.  There’ll always be someone behind you.  Many of the Taffia will be the last to leave and we are always are happy helping stragglers.

If you’re bringing a passenger, please encourage them to earn their keep by reading the road book for you (it’s very comprehensive).  We hope this year to email all the information (roadbook, optional routes and links to satnav/google file(s) etc) a couple of weeks before the event – so folks can print their own copies if they need to.  However, we will have a limited number of hard copies of the route available for anyone who registers on the day. 

The road book does include suggestions on petrol and coffee stops.  One of the most popular stops is around half-way (The Halt) which combines petrol with a branch of Greggs!


Aberdyfi is a relatively small seaside town, so there’s limited accommodation. If you’re considering overnighting here you might need to look for somewhere nearby – in Machynlleth or Aberystwyth.  In Aberdyfi, Taffia members often stay in the Dovey Inn (I think it’s already full this year).  There are also good B&Bs on the sea front (I’ve stayed at Awel y Mor B&B in the past). Alternatively, there’s a larger hotel in Aberdyfi - the Trefeddian - about 10 mins walk away which a number of folks used last year.

Aberdyfi is a small seaside town but it can get very busy.  That means you might have to queue for your fish and chips (a great chance to compare your adventures with fellow 7 owners). Other eating options are available. The car park on the sea front has 250 spaces but has been known to be full.  If you can’t find a space then you might want to either follow the road under the railway bridge where there is a grassy area on the right.  Alternatively you could return to Machynlleth. Just in case we’ll be recommending an alternative car park and chip shop in Machynlleth where folks can regroup.     

Optional extras

This year we’re offering a couple of extra route options – loops off the main route.  However, we’d suggest that first timers completing the event in a single day stick with the main route and save the optional blats for future years – it’s an enjoyable but long day already.

The optional Elan Valley loop on the way to Aberdyfi adds around an hour to the journey (if you don’t stop for cake/lunch on the way at Penbont House!).  Despite great views this extra option is quite narrow in places, can be busy and so is not suitable for large groups of cars travelling together.  So, if you’re making a weekend of it, this might be worth considering exploring on your return journey on the Sunday.

We also have another optional route, north of Aberdyfi, that again takes around an hour and brings you back to the main return route at Machynlleth.  This provides a great option for Sunday morning and includes a potential Sunday lunch stop – the Cross Foxes (LL40 2SG) - but you’ll need to book lunch in advance as it can be quite popular.  

Creating memories, supporting charity

We will have a professional photographer out and about on the route.  Hopefully they’ll capture everyone.  After the event we’ll circulate a link to the website where you can purchase copies - with half the proceeds going to our chosen charity – Prostate Cancer Research.

We’re suggesting that every car taking part donates a minimum £10 to PCR via our JustGiving site.  In 2022 the F&C Run raised a fabulous £2500. 

And finally…

The Fish & Chip Run is widely acknowledged as a great event.  But it isn’t a race and there’s no benefit from getting to Aberdyfi first.  We want everyone to be safe and enjoy the day – whether they’re a Club member in a 7, Joe Public enjoying a day out in their Kia or simply someone watching you drive by. We want to encourage smiles and create great positive memories. Please enjoy the Taffia’s Fish & Chip Run.   


Andrew Wiggins (1360Rallye)

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Will be there as It is the highlight of my Sevening year. 

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Form completed.

Hotel booked already

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Nice one Andrew Thumb Up

form all completed 

Peter G
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Well done and thank you, count us in!! Form completed and B + B booked. 

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Very well done, and 'Thank You', Andrew.


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Thank you to the people who've already completed the questionnaire - we've had 50 replies so far. The prospect of a BBQ on the Friday evening is already proving popular.

Thank you also for the comments and suggestions - they will help us organising the event.  

One comment that's come up a few times is the provision of parking in Aberdyfi.  I think the issue of a car park that was rammed this year was down to a combination of a bumper entry, glorious weather and a general public was emerging from two years of restrictions.

We'll look at the options but I suspect that the practicalities (and cost) of effectively taking over around half of the sea front car park's 260 capacity for the day will mean we have to take our chances.  A possible solution, if we have another bumper entry, could be encouraging participants to stagger their arrival times (we plan to provide some suggestions). We'll also look at alternative overflow parking.


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Andrew. any rules about non-Seven participation. I'm thinking fairly raucous TVR 

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Interesting new starting location and the idea of a Friday night BBQ sounds great!

One question though, from this new starting point, I'm assuming this will mean all cars will have to drive through the centre of Chepstow on a Saturday morning - could this cause a problem? Probably worrying about nothing, but thought I'd mention.

Bolter, bolter, full power...

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A field within walking distance of the chippy would make a  good car park.  Apart from fields opposite the station, there don't seem any obvious places.  

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Hi Nick

We don't anticipate that the switch of start location will cause any significant issues.  In fact it might help us in being able to stagger departures as folks enjoy alfresco bacon butties (the full breakfast offering at Hanley's is also good - but given the size of the cafe -  this sit down option will be limited).  They also sell all kinds of baked treats...we've done plenty of 'research'!