Entries now open for 2021 Northampton Motorsport Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship

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Entries now open for 2021 Northampton Motorsport Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship

Happy New year…..it will be better than 2020 with much more motor sport to look forward to.

We are pleased to announce that entries for the 2021 Northampton Motorsport Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship are now open.


To enter please Login to My LoveAdmin Account at the top of the club web site. If you have any problems logging in please contact the Admin team at adminteam@lotus7.club.

Also live on LoveAdmin are the entry forms for the 2 Curborough sprints, so you could enter these as well whilst you are there!


We are hoping for a full season this year and if any of the early events cannot take place we will try to replace them with events later on. The regulations are published on the club web site and there are only minor changes from 2020.


To be eligible for the Novice Championship you have be comply with one of the following:

  • Be a first time holder of an MSUK Competition Licence in 2020 or 2021
  • Be a first time holder of an MSUK Competition Licence in 2019 and competed only in the Lotus Seven Club Curborough Sprints.


Everybody entering by March 1st will receive a T shirt, Competitor Handbook, Championship stickers and have a competitor number reflecting previous results.


Please send me any photos you would like us to use on the competitor pages of the handbook. This will typically include a a photo of you and of your car, but anything more imaginative could be considered.


Also remember that if you renew your competition licence in January you will receive a 25% discount from MSUK ( this is for 2020 licence holders only).


Joint family members please read this:


With the recent changes in the membership rules of the club to give voting rights only to full members this has affected the rights of joint family members to enter MSUK events. Please read the this from Simon Houghton, Membership Secretary, and complete the form to upgrade your membership for a reduced fee of £10 if you are currently a joint family member wanting to  enter the championship. To offset this we will be offering a £5 discount to 2nd dual drivers at our 2 Curborough sprints. If you are a full member please disregard this paragraph and the attachment.


If you have any questions please contact one of the Competition team, we are hoping for a bumper year after all the disappointments in 2020.

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Thanks Graham

Take my money!!!

Just the tonic needed now the nightmare that was 2020 is over. Finally having something tangible to focus on has put a spring in my step this morning.

Have entered the championship and registered for both Curborough events.

Here's looking forward to a full and uninterrupted season.

Happy new year to all.


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All signed up and looking forward to it Thumb Up



Simon Houghton
Club Membership Secretary

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Thanks Graham.  I'm in - a great way to start the new year. Can't wait to get the season underway.

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Fantastic Driving Smile 


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Great to see such a quick response, so pleased to have lifted your mood today Andy.

I have created a page  here in the competitors area showing the entries to date. I will update this periodically, hopefully at least once a week.

Keep them coming.

Graham Howard - Competition Secretary   Northampton Motorsport Caterham & Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship 2022    
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Myself and Mrs Ambo will apply for MSUK licences next week and then register for the championship, Thanks Graham!

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Great stuff, Graham. All signed up and very much looking forward to it.

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Bring it on Clap

Will be great to see everyone again!

Michael Calvert

Lowflying Editor (lowflying@caterhamlotus7.club)

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@  Competition  license costs, 

I was glad to see the MSA offer of discount on the £59 inter club license cost of the comp license if applied for before the end of January , so applied promptly , but I was then informed that I needed a Doctors confirmation letter that I was still fit to be issued with a license,( this is because of a minor TIA 5 years ago, even though the forms stated if there had been no change in your health conditions since issue of 2020 licence, this would be waived) so I try to arrange for a letter with my Doctor , but surprisingly they are a bit busy at the moment , so I then wait 4 weeks before  sending a chasing e mail to my to my practise for a Doctors letter, which last year cost me £85.00, and am still waiting for a reply and feeling very guilty in adding to their  workload. So if my Doctor can finally find time to produce a letter and send to the MSA, I will get a Competition license , at a non discounted cost of £139 , to be able to compete in a sprint or hill climb when I wil be driving for at least 10 competition minutes in the whole day, but may have driven 5/6 hours in a 4x4 towing a trailer on my standard driving licence , Is this just a wingeing comment or is something not quite right? 










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Happy New Year Punch, is this not a minor inconvenience compared to Tony's last run at Blyton Clap