Curborough- what a great day

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Curborough- what a great day

Another really enjoyable Curborough today - thanks to everyone who put on such a well-run event.  

Thanks to everyone in the paddock for the birthday wishes and brilliant card.  Can't think of a much nicer bunch of nutters to spend your 50th with Byebye 


Geoff Corker
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A slickly run event as usual.  I would like to echo Michael's comments regarding the organisation and to wish the young man all the best on his special birthday. 

It was my first event for quite a while and despite the early nerves I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was made to feel welcome by competitors old and new.  They obviously looked at my times and realised that I posed no threat.

Thanks all.

Tony Smith
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Thanks everyone and welcome back old man Rofl

You have been missed!!

looking forward to Pembrey

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Yes - many thanks for a great day. Also thanks for those that gave up their time to help with the commentary, photos, data input, track supervision and other jobs that sometimes go unseen.

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Simon Houghton
Club Membership Secretary

Stephen Long
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What a wonderful day, fantastic organisation, friendly competitive spirit and an awesome track.

I don't think I have had that much fun with my clothes on for a long time.

I would also like to thank Ivan and my fellow competitors in class 1 for their help and encouragement.


Look forward to seeing you all again soon.



Comp Sec
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A fantastic day. Thanks to all those who volunteered to help, the event wouldn't happen without you.

And some great competition on the track, class 3 was awesome! 

Graham Howard - Competition Secretary   Northampton Motorsport Caterham & Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship 2022    
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Echo all the above comments - we are very lucky to have such a great team organising and running our events

Paul and Bec

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Great day and the sun came out after a rather chilly start!

Thanks everyone.
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Great weekend for us!

Many thanks to all the organising team and Julie and I are glad to be back with you all...

Great fun and we are both getting a little faster! Thanks to team Elwell for the track walk Driving

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Really enjoyed the day. It was my first seven club event in 16 years and it was great to be back.

Also appreciated people taking time to make Ben welcome in his first club event - I suspect it's pretty daunting at 16 to see the quality of drivers around him, but everyone was really welcoming.

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Fantastic day! Many thanks to everybody involved for making it such a success...

Ian & Deb