Servicing. Caterham specialist or not?

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Servicing. Caterham specialist or not?

Last year I bought a Roadsport SV from Caterham Silverstone with 18,000 miles on the clock. She came with full service history from Sevens and Classics but I live in Wiltshire and it's not really practical to take her to either of them for servicing. 

So my question is, where's the best place for me to use locally?

There's a sports car specialist in the Cotswolds called Kudu Automotive that prep cars for track days and provide full servicing to high end performance cars.

Or should I be looking a but further afield to a Caterham specialist like Millwood?

All thoughts greatly appreciated.

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If your keeping it short term go to a specialist, if long term do it yourself. Get your mates at your local meet to show or help you. It's all straight forward really. 

Geoff Brown
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Live in Wiltshire? North or South? As there are two areas in Wiltshire (North & South) that can give advice on DIY servicing. 

Doing it yourself is very fulfilling & one gets to know the car very well. Servicing a Seven is straight forward & reasonably cheap as opposed to going to a dealer & paying three figures for the 'stamp in the book'.

Obviously basic tools & equipment required. 


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The key question when considering DIY servicing is would you drive a car round a track that you had serviced yourself. For me the answer to that is no.

Kudu have a Seven logo on the front page of their website so should be ok.

1.6K Roadsport SV

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I would talk to Millwood in Cam, south Gloucestershire.

As for DIY, firstly I don't consider myself competent and then there are so many other things I'd prefer to be doing.


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I would talk to Millwood in Cam, south Gloucestershire.



I bought my kit from Jon, and Eric gives the car an annual once-over.  That gives me peace of mind, even though I do lots of work on the car myself.


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Speak to Eric or John @ Millwood , very helpful with years of experience. 

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Does depend how well you know the cars and how much time you've got.  A good specialist will know the cars inside out, spotting things immediately that you might be oblivious to. 

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Yes, you are right, but don't be afraid to fiddle.  Sevens are such basic cars and they present an opportunity for everyone to learn about car mechanics the easy way. 

I cannot believe I could not or did not, replace bottom steering column joint on my first Seven, a Lotus S111, but after that I ordered a kit and the learning began.  I think Sevens are unlike virtually all other cars out there in their simplicity and basic design.  For those people who just drive them, and relinquish all the spanner work to someone else, please try doing a few things and see how easy it is.

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Jon and Eric at Millwood are great people to deal with. I live in Devon but wouldn't trust anyone else with my car. Definitely worth the journey up. I agree that there is a great deal of satisfaction in doing the work yourself, but I would always worry if I'd done the job right, especially on a track day or fast blat. 

Chris C
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I live in Dorset & have always used Millwood for my servicing.

Both Jon & Eric have great knowledge on 7's & it's worth a visit just for the blat up & back!