Secretary of the meeting

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Secretary of the meeting

Hi all , happy new year.

For our Curborough Sprint events  (May 7th and August August 27 for this year ) we're looking for a volunteer to act as back up/ supporting Secretary of the Meeting. This is a role we should fill to ensure the smooth running of the sprints, however all the prep work is undertaken by the competition secretary and the club admin team, so barring any incidents, the secretary has in recent years supported compscorer with the process of scoring on the day. 


The Secretary should not be competing in the events, but should be familiar with sprinting and the bluebook although MS UK scrutineers and others will always be available who have intimate knowledge of it.


If anyone would like more info or would like to volunteer pls email me on 

As with many aspects of Motorsport , we need volunteers to allow events to place and will support  anyone volunteering for this, you won't be on your own .