Unused Avon zz s tyres for sale.

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Unused Avon zz s tyres for sale.

I have 4 completely unused Avon ZZS 195/50/R15 tyres for sale.  They should fit 6" - 7" rims  Covered and stored in the dark.  Here is a bit about them:

The Avon ZZS tyre delivers outstanding levels of grip in wet and dry conditions. When Avon developed the ZZS they had an aim of producing the very best road legal track focused tyre available. Decades of Motorsport knowhow from the technical experts at Avon have gone into making the ZZS the ultimate road / track tyre.

Ultimate performance

Full racing tread compound

Designed by the Avon Tyres Motorsport Technical Department

Ideal championship control tyre

Suitable for track and road use

Full racing tread compound utilises materials found in GT, F3 and other world class Motorsport tyres to provide optimum grip, stability and feel. The ZZS benefits from a full competition construction to ensure the tyre is as good on the road as it is on the race track.

E-Marked (for road use) Except for Medium Soft (Wet) - Competition Use Only compound which are NOT E-marked for road use,
MUK List 1B (Except Medium Soft Wet - Competition Use Only compound tyres which are all list 1C)

These tyres cost over £200 each when new, I'm open to offers, but could start around £400 for all four.  BM me if interested.