Lotus S4 Restoration Project

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Lotus S4 Restoration Project

Hi all,

I'm posting this on behalf of a neighbour. They recently moved into a house which had been abandoned for very many years, and discovered an S4 in the garden. It has been sat uncovered for as long as the house has been abandoned (about 10-15 years). 

I've put some pictures up on imgur here: https://imgur.com/a/8TTi0Yv

They are open to offers. I've thought about taking it on myself, but without the garage space it's a non-starter for me. If you're interested, send me a DM and I'll pass over the contact details for the owner.



Ed White
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With a nice looking twin cam version on the net at £10k and inviting offers, you'd have to be brave for this. Chassis will be gone, bodywork has gone and not sure how available they are? Engine is dead, gearbox probably, and I'm betting there is no id.    

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Wow, what a find! 

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Unfortunately unless it's still got an id attached that's effectively scrap parts. It's probably recoverable at far greater cost than it's ever going to be worth. 
On the other hand TVRGlen would call that an easy repair and have it up for about £12k going by his latest caterham cons he's attempting Spin

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Wow, not much left...


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Not a restoration project, nothing worth having off that bar the VIN number. 


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You cannot buy a new old car and unlike our Caterhams re-built a Lotus7 S4 would be eligible for historic events. Good luck to whoever eventually rebuilds it. 

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Clive Dabinett
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I see it does have a chassis plate 

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What a project... the house as well as the car.

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I would have a go at that 

A few years ago  I did a worse S4 restoration which had been  stored in an open sided barn 25 yards from the seafront in North Wales for over 20 years most people would have scrapped it ! There were some major parts missing to add to the fun


I bet its down South !