Custom-made eccles-style Mirror Mounts

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Custom-made eccles-style Mirror Mounts

The Problem. Caterham's mirrors are terrible. Seriously. They're enormous and because they're not convex, you can't see anything.

My solution

My mounts take Spa/Motamec convex mirrors, which means you can change lane without just guessing if you're going to die. They're inspired by (ripped off from) Eccles' mounts (shown below), but they are mounted to your side-screens at 3 points, not 2. That's 300% better! They use the same hinge design as Eccles's mounts, but with the third screw, which hooks into the previously drilled hole that your standard Caterham mirrors mounted into. This creates much, much more stiffness than the original mounts and stops the vibration of the mirror. There is also an access hole so you can access the tightening screw for the Spa mirrors. As all holes drilled for Caterham mirrors are different, all the mounts need to be unique. Left side, right side, both different and custom.

How much are they? The first 5 sets will be £60+£6 p&p, but you pay me when you're happy. I'll make them, send them out, receive feedback, fix any problems, and then I'll be re-evaluating the price upwards. They cost more than the Eccles mounts because each one is unique.

I've been running mine for a few months now and have done >2000 miles and no problems. they are much more rigid and suffer less vibration

for all the rest of the info and to order a set, please check out