Caterham Seven - Wet Oil Sump pan needed Ford XFlow Flat Bottom

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Caterham Seven - Wet Oil Sump pan needed Ford XFlow Flat Bottom

The original sump pan on my XFlow has been bashed a bit by PO and finally decided to leak.

im told the XFlow should be fitted with a alloy flat bottom sump pan and does anyone have one for sale or know where I can source the part please, or advise of alternative parts ??

I'm not intending to race the car so the dry sump option is not ideal or practical 

any help / contacts appreciated 

thanks in advance 




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Is yours currently steel? It should be repairable if it is. Redline might do an ally sump I guess.

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The original flat bottom ally baffled sump that Caterham supplied is not a great solution. The ground clearance is improved but being rectangular in section this leaves the edge very exposed to damage. I don't know if the later James Whiting / Jenvey alloy pans had a different section.  At least with the steel sump it tends to be a glancing blow and the metal bends rather than fractures.

Shallower baffled steel pans used to be available and a decent option if you can find one. Burton did one but no longer listed on their site. This was only just below the bellhousing - you needed a shortened pick up with it. I think the BG Automotive replacement pans were slightly shallower and are still available (but please check dimensions before buying). Also Vulcan Engines used to fabricate good shallow baffled steel pans so might be worth a try. Alternatively a decent fabricator should be able to repair yours and do similar. is an example of the sort of thing.