200bhp Duratec seven £17000 now sold

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200bhp Duratec seven £17000 now sold
This car started life as a 1.4litre K-series car, but has evolved over the 28 years I have owned it, and the current spec is as follows:

The Engine was built from a new 2.0 litre Duratec crate engine and is currently producing 207 Bhp  (Power plots shown in photos taken during a rolling road health check carried out on the 17th March 2023)    The engine has a piper 270 cam, Jenvey Throttle bodies and Emerald ECU, . Race-line wet sump. Race-line stainless exhaust primaries with Raceco Titanium 7” silencer. This engine was installed in 2008 and has done about 10K miles since then and is in perfect health . Unlike the k-series engines the Duratec will produce 200Bhp, all day , everyday with little stress. ( this engine installation would cost over £10k in parts)
Transmission: 5 speed BGH long first box, mounted on a Raceline short bell housing, Raceline clutch and flywheel, the rear end is de-dion and is fitted with a ZF plate Limited Slip Differential .

The Chassis is series 3, standard width,  It has a removable engine braces allowing easy engine installation.and under dash handbrake. it has never been crashed or damaged.

Suspension: Narrow track, single pivot point front shock mount with AVO one-way adjustable alluminum shocks with adjustable spring platforms   it has been flat floor set up and corner weighted for good road handling

6” front, and 8” rear 13” wheels with Toyo R888s 

Bodywork: New front and rear wings in black GRP. Standard flat floors (not lowered), The Side skins were replaced in 2003 when it was painted in Dodge viper blue

FIA Track day roll bar 

S-type cloth seats ( leather shown in photo)

Full hood and doors 

LED lowered 5” headlights

Keyless ignition

Stack rev counter

The Car has done 74K miles, however it has been maintained and upgraded over its life and few parts have done more than 10K miles (since the Duratec engine upgrade)

Full MOT (this is a kit built 1994 car so does not require a cat and requires no more than '1975 visible smoke emissions test' )

Optional extras also available, such as half hood, petty strut, set of track day wheels, and numerous spares (separate negotiation)     

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