SOLD - 1999 Caterham Seven VX 1600 Classic

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SOLD - 1999 Caterham Seven VX 1600 Classic

Unfortunately I've decided to sell my car as I'm in the UK only a few months every year and rather than driving the bloody thing I seem to be looking for new garage space, bringing the car in for service and MOT or I'm out of the country entirely.

Caterham 1999 VX 1.6 Classic, ex. Graduates Series race car, now road car for the last two years

  • 1600cc C16NZ GM Family II engine (Vauxhall, Holden, Opel)
  • 2x Weber DCOE 40
  • Live axle
  • 5 speed

Price: £9400


Winner 2016 Graduates Classic Championship in the hands of Steven McMaster.

The car didn’t seem to have been raced in 2017 but was then raced again in the Classic Championship in 2018 and 2019 by the previous owner.

In the short 2020 racing season the car wasn’t raced but has done a couple of track days. The car is now enjoying its retirement by being road driven.

For the last four years there are invoices for over £12’000 from PT, GRS and Williams.

Among other things the car has received (since 2018):

  • New engine block (as I understand a handful of new old stock blocks turned up in Australia, some made it over to the UK)
  • New clutch
  • Aluminium radiator
  • Refurbished prop shaft
  • Gearbox refurbish (by rrtransmission)
  • Reseated valves
  • New used axle casing

The car has cosmetic blemishes as you would expect from a car that has seen dozens of races. For me that was a great way not to worry too much about stone chips, scratches, dings from the harness buckles and so on. It could of course also be a base for a restoration, be it a re-skin or paint.

The car comes with:

  • Two Tillett seats with Oxted padding, driver seat on runners
  • Lowered floor on driver side
  • In-date Schroth 6 point harness on driver side, out-of-date Caterham 4 point harness on passenger side
  • Lifeline quick release steering boss
  • Electronic speedo
  • Recently refurbished 13’’ minilite wheels with good Yokohama A539 all round
  • Bilstein dampers with adjustable ride height
  • Set of full doors
  • Set of wind deflectors
  • SBFS tunnel bag
  • SBFS Storm cap
  • Big box of spares: Brake pads, ignition parts, exhaust, oil filters etc.

MOT until 19. August 2022

I put the car on PH as well: Link to ad with more and larger pictures

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Well priced entry level 7

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I'd be very happy to garage it, make sure it's serviced and is driving well, take it for its MOT and generally take care of it for you while you're out of the country Rofl


"You only live once - but if you do it right, once is enough" - Mae West

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You are too kind DirtBuddha Biggrin

Matthew Willoughby
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A really good car that I raced against many times.