For Sale For sale - CSR 260 - All black - approx 8500 miles. A1 condition

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"great looking car, but don't the rules require a price?"

No, and never have.


Really good looking car though, in many ways the ultimate Caterham. There's a black CSR in the North Wales area and it looks stunning.


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Hi there,

for everyone looking for more info on this sale:

The car is available through this link Price there is 38995. 

UK Sports Cars have taken on selling the car. They are based in Kent, but can drop the car anywhere. 

this is a standard CSR 260 from the factory.

spec includes:

6 speed gear box

independent suspension

2.3 ltr cosworth engine, 4 cylinder 16 valve naturally aspirated. 

260 BHP at 7500 revs

dry sump system (great for track days, should you wish to do them)

MBE race engine mgt

vented disc breaks front and back

double wishbone rear suspension (one of the reasons, along with the chassis and body design that it handles so well, and better than any other 7 I've driven, and therefore doesn't need limited slip diff)

swoopy dash

leather seats 

15 inch wheels - 195/45 front and 255/40 back


new battery 

Full weather kit, half hood and car cover are all included 

This car has extreme low mileage of approx 8500 miles, but I've used it regularly, and always charge the battery with a trickle charger. It's been well looked after. 

This car is great for touring, and for track days if you want to do that.

let me know if anyone has any further questions.



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Nice car, love the swoopy dash on these,

At that price it won't be aorund long either 

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Is the grill fitted the wrong way round or I am going mad?

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Could be deliberate (like Ambulances) so it looks right in someone's mirrors


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Hi David,

Does the car have lowered floors? (edit: from one of the pics on UK Sports Cars, it looks like it does have lowered floors?)

When was the cam belt last changed?  Should be every 6 years according to schedule?


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CSR doesn't have cam belts, chain drive. 

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Thanks David.  Sorry for my ignorance!