Ralio+ (Howard yn y Garej) visits RaceShocks and Meteor

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Ralio+ (Howard yn y Garej) visits RaceShocks and Meteor

Hope this little video will keep you amused for 20min.

Ralio is the S4C rally magazine program that covers local and British Championships along with providing coverage for WRC.

Ralio+ visits RaceShocks - YouTube

Howard was Gwyndaf Evans co-driver in the 90's.  He is one of the main S4C presenters and now visits collections and preparation companies all around Wales.

It is a part English and Part Welsh language but subtitled program.

Maybe we can organize a virtual tour of the workshop some time that many can join similar to the Caterham evenings.

Merry Christmas.

David Brown
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Fascinating , but could we get Gaelic sub titles so that Finlay can get his new car sorted?

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Brilliant! Well done Simon and Ben, enjoyed that.  

Michael Calvert

Lowflying Editor (lowflying@caterhamlotus7.club)

Tony Smith
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Great stuff all.

I think I understood more of what Ben said in Welsh than I did all of last season with him in English!!!

Virtual tour sounds really good.

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Simon and his team are very helpful.

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Brilliant ! Loved it, and what product knowledge! They are so immersed in what they can achieve with the correct product and setup and their enthusiasm is so refreshing not to mention the banter  Rofl