Proposed 2022 Regulation Changes

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Have you considered adding a rule that drivers from Watford whose first name starts with A get a 2 second benefit because they are slower than the others?

Asking for a friend Smile

Midlife crisis begun....

david nelson
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Duel drives: fastest goes first. Thought this was sorted years ago. Warm tyres must have an advantage. It used too. Class 4 clarification. Are bike engines allowed? I read it as they are not? Class 210bhp sound about right. If you have a 220bhp can be detuned. Agree about where it sits in the previous Caterham and current Caterham range. Class 5 should allow factory car to run, so if they have sequel gears and traction control should run in this class. Any non standard things like paddle shift should not be allowed.

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Comp Sec
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Just to clarify....Class 4: no bike engines, no driver aids, 220 bhp. Class 5 anything goes including driver aids and bike engines.

As AB has said we have set the power limit slightly above the factory 210 bhp for a 420R just as we have done in classes 1,2 and 3 with the standard cars which fit into those classes.

There seems to split support for the proposed order of dual drives. The current regs are a little ambiguous:

Dual drives shall run with the secondary driver at the start of the Championship classes in reverse order with the fastest driver first. All other competitors shall be scheduled to run in ascending class & ascending competitor number order.

If we go with the proposal we will allocate competition numbers to control the running order as far as possible. So far dual drivers are saying that there is little advantage with warm tyres, others think differently. What we would expect I suppose! Any other views on this?

And Andy, we can have a vote on your proposal! Would it  be worth moving to Watford?



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Alan Bowler
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I'm moving to Watford.
See you next year at Gurston Andy!

Order for dual drives... yes, weather can change between batches, between cars even, plus re-runs are a wildcard. But overall I support the change as likely to level things as much as possible. For most events its not an issue, but clearly it is an advantage at some.

I look forward to seeing more opinions on the proposal.


Richard Price
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I'm pretty sure there is a significant advantage for the second driver of any car that is dual driven, particularly when using the current generation of list 1b tyres without pre start tyre warming.

Additionally, the shorter the time between these runs, the greater that advantage is.

I fully support the proposed change.

david nelson
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I am with Richard on this. Having previously competed in classes where there have been duel drives my impression has always been that I was disadvantaged. With the loss of tyre warming and the change of compounds it appears to be a logical step, one that I thought had been sorted. 

I can except that if it rain after the fastest duel driver and the rest are slower its an act of God. (sorry if you do not believe) lets say is just unlucky. 

The only time I think this does not work is when you have a shared drive with both being far to fast and not sure who is quickest, eg Tom or Richard Then it should be down to their position the previous year.


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Nigel Fox
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Thanks to the Comp Sec and team, obviously a lot of thought has gone into this. Some useful comments have been added here.

I will be happy to compete in Class 5 next year.

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For the dual drives, the ideal solution is that the faster driver runs in class position, and the second driver runs after the class in the next batch. Our number even suggest this 500s run before 600s.

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Eek   Richard agrees with me an now I am agreeing with everything he said above Yikes

Oh and I also have to agree with the returning "Troublemaker"

robj has the solution we would like to see.  The difficulty will be for the CompSec Team to inform the event organizers of this Championship Rule.

I am sure they can draft up some words of explanation that can be sent to all organizers highlighting this rule and our suggested running order.   The difficulty will always be with the later classes when we are the last of a Run and there are no more runners.  But generally the majority of double drives seem to be lower in the number order.

We should also make this clear to the guys at Longton who seem to always run us in reverse order.  They can not absolve themselves of our Championship Regs.
Roy Blyth
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Dual drive running order:

Don't you think this is all getting a bit too serious here, for something that is meant to be fun?  There are far too many variables involved to say that the second driver has an advantage because of the tyres being warmed up by the previous runner - weather, incident delays, class size, etc...  Next you'll be having Official Tyre Temperature checks carried out at the start just because it was sunny one minute and cloudy the next.  I think you're trying to 'level up' a small bump in the road, compared to something like the extremes of engine power output in a single class.