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If only they'd supply those details to new customers with their quotes instead of wording that specifies a requirement that can't be met...


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I agree. Even if the policy terms aren't changed they could have sent a supplementary letter stating that the clause doesn't apply. That's what I would have done. 

Simon Maitland
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I use ClassicLine in Hinckley and I have fully comp road insurance, agreed value, unlimited club trackdays and five other trackdays at agreed circuits. I have to email them in advance and advise them of the trackday and they email me back with a cover note.

Hope this helps.

Hampshire West AR
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Sounds good. Who are their underwriters Simon?  Does their track day wording mention the ATDO?


Simon Maitland
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Not sure who the underwriter is.

Their cover note says something like - the event must be run by either a member of ATDO , a member of ARDS


The event is organised by your car club and marshaled.

Hope this helps.

Chris Ball
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I have just changed my insurance to Classicline.  The underwriter is Ageas Insurance Ltd.  The same as I had with Lloyd and Whyte.

I'm not sure about the track day cover wording as I've not done one yet.

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Thank you Chris, that is one on my list as no one with Markerstudy as the underwriter is getting a call from me.

Dan R
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Ive had an interesting renewal this year where my broker (Who has a good reputation on here) has tried to sell me a policy underwritten by Markerstudy.  When i explained i would rather not be underwritten by them, i was told my original underwriter (Ageis) was charging double that of Markerstudy. 

After a little research and off the back of another broker recommendation from here, i have secured a quote underwritten by Ageis, which was substantially cheaper still.  


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