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Hello there im wondering what people have found to be the best insurance company for young people on caterhams as would like to insure my 18 year old son on it 

thanks in advance Alex

East Kent AR
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I think you will have great difficulty in finding any insurance company to insure an 18 year old. I had to wait till my son was 25. I would start with Adrian Flux. Good luck 


Piers Rendell
East Kent AR


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Lots of quotes and experiences in the Seven Insurance thread, and many others.

Recent discussion of insuring young people: it might be impossible.


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There was an article in the Press re a 18yr old Lad who was caught driving a McLaren at 122 mph and had it seized. I'm not sure whether he owned, or hired the car, but in light of the thread, it would be interesting to see who the Insurance Co was that covered him. 

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It is some time ago now but I insured my two on the caterham, they would have been late teens or very early 20's. I'm pretty certain I insured through MSM and the cost was not unreasonable. The two of them very much enjoyed driving the car and what it cost was well rewarded in their pleasure. Both attended Novice track days (MSV from memory) with a bit of tuition and both reckoned it was one of the best days of their lives. Sitting with them on track was terrifying. NOT two of the best days of my life.