ford diff backlash adjustment

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#11 That would be my view with the obvious thought that if it were that easy CC would surely have got it right by now. Wouldn't they? 

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i will drop it out and double check when i have the time,main thing is for me is its the diff area not g/box

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I think the reason Caterham, and their agents, had trouble getting the diff quiet was two fold. The worst examples relate to 'pattern' parts produced under license (and stamped with the Ford logo) that simply were not of the same design quality as the OE part. Secondly, the genuine Ford parts where not fitted as intended by Ford.

The Sierra diff was developed after quite a lot of R&D and this technology was closely guarded and limited to a small number of production lines. The contact patch pattern we see widely shared on YouTube videos is an engineering interpretation of what is correct - not necessarily wrong in an engineering perspective, but not what was used by Ford.  If you dig into the history and available archives, you see their production process used an offset pattern. This pattern dispersed the oil from between the teeth in way that reduced the whine.  But the 'non factory' techniques, although arguably correct, can override these subtle design features. 

The relevance to this thread is that adjusting the backlash to the extreme limits can reduce noise - the trick is balancing noise reduction against reliability and service life.