Competing in the 2023 championship - advice welcomed : Thanks

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Sean Toms
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Competing in the 2023 championship - advice welcomed : Thanks

Hi all 

Newly joined as a member , but I am an experienced hillclimb competitor , local to Loton Park , I compete a Superlight R400 K 

Can anyone tell me how you register for the 2023 championships ? 

I can see the 2023 dates & venues in the event calendar , but none appear open to apply yet  why ? 

Also how many events do you need to do ?  as a minimum , I cannot see ? 

Going to Wiscombe or Goodwood with my Tillet seats is a drive way too far but I plan to compete in events up to 2 hours or so from Oswestry 

Any advice greatfully received 

Thanks , Sean 


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Hi Sean - I'm sure others will be along soon to provide chapter and verse but let me answer a few of your questions.  Look forward to seeing you in the Championship by the way!

Clicking on the "Competitors" tab on the blue bar above should give you access to all of the details you could possibly want.  You will see that our Championship comprises a variety of events, most of which are organised by other motoring clubs to which we are an invited class, plus the two events that we organise ourselves (at Curborough).  I think you'll find that no clubs have their events open for booking yet as I don't think Motorsport UK has approved any of the regulations yet, but that will happen in time.  Entry to our Championship is through LoveAdmin and I am sure the CompSec will announce that entries are being accepted soon.

Your best seven scores are counted for the main Championship, but you are free to do an many or as few events as you like.  Last year's regulations here explain in detail how the scores are calculated and the range of different categories that are up for grabs.  

Hope that helps a bit.  See you on track soon!


Michael Calvert

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