What a difference a tyre makes

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Best tyre for a 7 must be the ACB10 surely?

Geoff Brown
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My first Seven - 1994 1.4K Supersport was shod with skinny Michelins, the type I cannot remember. Talk about unsuitable. Hard as snails, no flex, just like driving on ice or marbles. The handling was interesting & unlike a Seven should be in my opinion.

The second Seven was shod with 13" Yoko AO 38Rs the difference to the Michelins was night & day. The car actually performed as it should. Pity that the tyre lost it's Euro accreditation for road use.

Third Seven shod with 13" CR500. Another quantum jump in performance which an R400 required. And then another jump in performance when fitting ZZS.

My current other toy is shod with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - now there is a tyre that really performs at the limit.

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