What did you do with yours today?

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Hopefully, Benton!!

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Absolutely! I sold my pampered and very much garage queen 911 to buy my 420R. I vowed to myself I'd drive it come rain or shine, but I've done nothing but polish it and upgrade things so far. I'm prepping it, dammit, for it's continual use in the spring, I swear!

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Hopefully very soon.  Its ready, but waiting for some missing parts.


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I found the Crossflow was running on three not four cylinders.  Grumpy   New plugs tomorrow.


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Last night I finished replacement of a steering gaitor boot.

I also discovered that a soft polishing mop on my cordless drill is an excellent and quick way to give my SLR wheels a quick refresh.  I restored them a few years ago, and polishing with a cloth an Autosol is OK, but slow, and isn't easy around the bolts.  The mop on the drill with some polishing compound worked really well.