What did you do with yours today?

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What did you do with yours today?

Simple question, let's see what the Winter holds for all these cars.

Today I...

Drove it to work.

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Last night I straightened it up the garage in preparation for going on stands for winter tinkering.   

Harry Flatters
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Washed it and tucked it away. Oh, you meant, my car - sorry! Eek Hehe

Golf Juliet Tango
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All in the Seven (obviously):-

  •  today to my volunteering
  • yesterday, similarly
  • Saturday from Cambridge to Silverstone then back home
  • Friday from home to Cambridge

About 180 miles


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wild bill
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Guessed at what it looked like under my dust covers whilst I relined and sealed my Morris twintanks which was a rather tricky excercise. Dust sheets on so no odd specs of paint land on her. It's too damp and miserable to be out down here anyway.

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Thought it looked sad all alone in the garage so I put the latest barrel of home brew next to it so I can check them both at the same time. Drink

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Replaced windscreen and fitted Eccles mounts today!

tomorrow and Thursday I will be getting in on stands and doing a full service and changing diff oil etc.


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I checked that the humidity under the cover was within acceptable limits Teacher Nerd

Like many, mine hibernates over the winter...


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Paul D
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Drove the 32 mile round trip to work on Friday as it was dry and sunny in the afternoon. The morning was the first time driving in complete darkness since I fitted the LED headlights in the summer! They seem to be aligned ok.
David Mirylees
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Not today but took the 7 swimming on Sunday Rofl