UK Govt Consultation On Plans to Introduce a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate from 2030.

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My response:


I am an individual who is writing, as I have strong reservations about the derogations for micro volume manufacturers in the proposal.  In response to question 5, whilst the derogation until 2030 is welcomed, the wholesale ban on petrol and diesel engines for such manufacturers seems unwise.  For some of these manufacturers the engine itself is the core appeal of the vehicle, and many such as kit car manufacturers make lightweight vehicles that cannot currently be made with existing battery technology.  Banking on a future improvement in battery technology, which may not arrive, is damning these companies to bankruptcy.  The EU’s proposed allowance of synthetic fuels, or the aviation industries push for sustainable aviation fuel are both examples of new technology that would allow for carbon neutral running of these existing engines.  Perhaps a requirement that these cars can only be run on synthetic fuel, with heavy penalties for misuse (similar to the red diesel rules in the UK), and that such fuel can only be produced with renewable energy would allow such small volume manufacturers to exist, with minimal carbon emissions.


No idea if that was how the questions were intended to be responded to, but it can't hurt.

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And, of course, a point maybe missing from your response above, Skorn, is that many of these MVMs are UK businesses, providing employment, economic and social benefits to the UK.  A clear example of shooting oneself in the foot?


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A useful thread this...

I responded via email as detailed in #4, and only to question 5.

Minimal effort so hopefully that'll be accepted.


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Response sent. Half-expected an auto-acknowledgment but nothing so far.

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I responded on question 5 plus a few others.  I requested confirmation of receipt which to be fair they did email back and confirm.  I really hope the dft see sense on this and allow the MVMs like Caterham to continue with combustion cars beyond 2030 and 2035.  Would be farcical if you could buy a combustion caterham throughout the eu beyond 2030 but not in the uk! 

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For those who have access to this week's Autocar, you will see that Bob Laisley gives Caterham's view on the proposals.

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