Two Weeks to the F&C Run…

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Ouch! Sounds like my pristine paint job is about to develop patina Irked

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Sadly I'm going to be missing the event this year.. gutted!   Hope you all have an awesome day, with glorious sunshine and trouble free blatting.   Looking forward to seeing some Youtube videos :-)  

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To #14 - I've been using the MyRouteApp navigation app this week in Europe John, and it's been working great offline (my data is screwed up on the phone! Imagine my horror when I got off the Chunnel only to find I had no routing Rofl Had to pop into a garage and buy a map!) 

Since that panicked start to the trip, I've been planning the next days driving on the web and it just appears on my phone - which is then offline when I'm rolling. It's easy to follow. 

That's all a long winded way of saying despite its clunky at times interface, MRA navigation works. Mustn't grumble about that. 



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Thanks Mark. I may just go with something proven then.


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To anyone thinking about going I have to say just get on and go. It is a great day out, great roads and good likeminded company. I can't recommend it highly enough and I went there and back in a day from Dorset.

Think about us poor sods abroad missing the opportunity, I thought I could get back and now can't. Gutted.

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I'm doing it in a day from near Cambridge - going to be a long day in the car, can't wait Driving


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Hmmm.   How bad are we talking for the resurfaced sections and for how far?  Was planning on attending, but can't say I enjoy driving down roads covered in loose chippings and tar whilst other road users blast by... especially with an aeroscreen!  Censored

Looking at Google is sounds like at least 10 miles worth in different sections?  Is there a detour?

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For those looking at satnav options, I did the course for the 1st time last year on my own and was able to follow cars in front of me for most of the time but even when I was waived over and became the lead car, so long as you keep track of where you are on the instruction numbering they are easy to follow.

See you in a couple of days 


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Latest update:

The weather is looking good for the weekend.  

There are currently ten campers taking advantage of our members only pop-up campsite near Chepstow. Thank you to Taffia member Gerard Holloway for opening up his garden to severners

If you're overnighting in Aberdovey you're very welcome to join the Taffia contingent in The Dovey Inn for a drink or two.

If you're around on Sunday morning and would like to explore the roads north of Aberdovey before setting off for home then do meet us in the main car park at 10am. There's a bonus blat planned that will start and finish  in Aberdovey with the shorter of two options covering around 40miles.

So far we've received close to £400 via our PCR Just Giving page.  Thank you to all who have contributed so far. We're hoping to raise £1000 from the event by suggesting each car donates at least £10.  We'll also have collecting buckets at The Piercefield start.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase individual photos of cars taken enroute during the day with a significant  proportion of the proceeds going to PCR. We'll publish a link to these photos after the event.

The Taffia are looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday and hope you have a safe and enjoyable day/weekend in Wales.

Andrew Wiggins

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Is there a GPX file available for the route?

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