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Geoff Martin
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Steering wheels

I'd like some opinions on steering wheel sizes. 
Currently got a 260 leather Momo, but I've always liked suede ones. I have always felt that the 260 is a little too small, but I don't want to buy lots of different sizes just to try. 
Is there really that much difference between 260, 270 & 280?



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What car do you have and how big are you?

I'm 6'1' with an S3 chassis and leather S types.

originally I ordered a 290mm momo but the gap to my knees was negligible. I also struggled to get my clutch foot in a comfortable position. I switched to a 260 wheel which solved these issues slightly but then felt bumps were a bit jarring on my wrists. Also had issues with roll bar height and wearing a lid.

I then fitted a lowered floor and the difference was unbelievable - loads more room in the footwell for my size 11s. More steering wheel clearance so now back to a 290 momo. Also well below the FIA bar. I can now get my foot away from hovering over the clutch.

I've recently also raised the rack with spacers so the bump steer is corrected. No more jarring.

Thats my journey / experience - all the topics are on blatchat just need to research them.




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Goldilocks says:

280 too big

260 too small

270 is juuust right!


But then, I've never tried any other size myself.  Would be interesting to try a 260 and 280 for comparison.

Smile Sean

Golf Juliet Tango
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It depends upon the way your car is set up. What I need on my Seven is different from what I need on my 21. 



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Geoff Martin
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Thanks all 

I've loads of room in my S3. 5'5", size 7 feet and lowered floor. 

Decided I'm going to go with a 270. 

Jonathan Kay
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If you have a choice between sizes then also consider the visibility of the instruments.


PS: Have you seen the haute couture thread?

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If you will ever drive the car "bare handed" then suede or alcantara is a rubbish thing to have it wrapped in. Just my 2p.


Graham Hutton
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I have a 280 alcantara wheel in my SV with lowered floors and it is brilliant. Maybe the extra width of the SV chassis makes the bigger wheel fit nicer? I probably drive 50:50 with gloves or bare hands and after 3000miles it is starting to look a little bit shabby.

Exeter, Orange 310R