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Lying on the board and paddling with you arms will be the most efficient way to travel if kneeling and paddling is not possible.

Of course if you are somewhere which gets regular gentle winds then windsurfing means you only have to concentrate on balance, all the motive force comes for free.

This is my board which is essentially a large rigid SUP 

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... And then there's waves... Sry, couldn't resist it.

Keep practicing Steve, It'll come.

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Doug, Lazzer - that looks like serious fun Biggrin  Well beyond my current skill levels....

For a place that has 1,500 miles of coastline and over 3,000 lakes and rivers, it is surprising to see that Massachusetts has little in the way of sail-powered craft on its waters.  Apart from the one sailing club on the Charles that has a flotilla of dinghy's, pretty much all of the local waterways see only motor-powered boats and paddle-powered craft.

The water was a bit nippy on Saturday so I stayed on my knees for the whole session, trying to learn how to paddle in a more or less straight line without constantly swapping sides.  Yesterday I took the plunge and tried a few times to get myself back on the board.  Managed it a couple of times, but tricky given my current PFD and the height of the inflatable paddleboard (I presume that getting back on a rigid board is maybe a bit easier???).  Much more practice needed here.

Getting from knees to feet continued to get the better of me, but I was at least able to beach the bow of the board, stand, reverse out and remain on my feet.  I reckon that next weekend might be my last chance of the season to get some practice in - distinct autumnal feel this morning.


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