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Ian B
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Here are the results from the Ian B jury:

Car: 2001 1.6kSS SV (138bhp); stored on drive in Area 14 postcode (or garaged in Area 13 code); Factory immobiliser; 

Driver: Only named driver; clean licence, held for over 20 years; 1 (large) claim in last 5 years; IAM Member; L7C Member; No NCD on this car (had 10 years but lapsed as last 2 years had a policy that doesn't support it).

Cover: Fully Comp; SD&P; 7,000 miles; Agreed Value £16k; No extras (eg Legal, Keys, etc)

Renewal Offer from Paul www.glynwoodinsurance.co.uk (found Paul to be VERY helpful and knowledgeable)
£150xs; £75wsxs
5,000 miles (max they could do on this policy)
Premium £125 (inc Agreed Value)

Adrian Flux. Luke www.adrianflux.co.uk (Luke was very helpful and reduced costs with a bit of negotiation)
£150xs; £90wsxs (£125wsxs if don't use their approved repairer, eg do it yourself)
7,000 miles
Will match 9 years NCB held on tintop
Premium £115 +£15 for Agreed Value (includes free legal)
Add £36 for UK homestart, and UK and European recovery

A-Plan. www.aplan.co.uk
£150xs; £80wsxs
7,500 miles
Premium £170 inc Agreed Value

Frank Pickles. www.frankpickles.co.uk
Started by saying they have lots of conditions on sevens insurance now.
The first was as vlaue over £14k they can't quote
Asked for list of other conditions but she wouldn't provide them!

Footman James (now owned by Towergate). 03332 076120 from Low Flying Ad
£100xs; £75wsxs (£100wsxs if don't use their approved repairer National Windscreens)
7,000 miles
Premium £220 +£10 Agreed Value
Also offerred to add Salvage Retention for £15 (where in the event of a total loss you get to keep the salvage),

MSM. 01279 870535
Excesses no left on voicemail
7,500 miles
Premium £241 or £252 with Agreed Value
£72 Uk and European Breakdown and Recovery

REIS. 0115 965 1020 www.reis.co.uk Mary. Club's Insurance Partner via Ad in Low Flying 
£250xs; £50wsxs (£500 cover and no need to use approved repairer) - OR can include Trackdays.
Premium £368 (no agreed value)

We did have an Insurance page in the old 7FAQ/Contribute section where members could add their insurance quotes and comments, but that hasn't been transferred to the new site so this will have to do for now Cry

Hope that lot helps! Wavey

The Completely Superior Ride Seven Wink

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Anyone out there had to make a claim and able to comment on how well it was handled by their broker/insurer. I would add that some 7+ years ago I had to make a claim through MSM and they handled everything; made my life very easy. I wanted repairs by the 7 Workshop and Arch and that is how it was handled.

Rick (I'm not a house number) 

Ian B
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I've had largish claims with Adrian Flux and MSM in the past.

I didn't have a good experience with MSM, mainly due to them disappointingly siding with the incompetent 3rd party legal cover provider they were using - achieved a considerably better outcome with a competant solicitor.  Also renewal premium was hiked considerably even with protected NCD.

The claim with Flux was a bit convoluted at times as their claims handling company used a regular tintop assessor who had no idea about sevens. When the value of the car (against similar examples on the market) was reassessed the car became repairable instead of written off. A bit of faffing about, but they did come good in the end, using a repairer of my choice. Renewal went up a bit, but nowhere near as much as with MSM.

I did have a windscreen claim with Trinity Lane in 2011 that was a complete nightmare. Eventually (after 8 weeks and loads of phone calls and emails) they paid for a new screen and fitting by CC as their 'approved' repairer was hopeless.

The Completely Superior Ride Seven Wink

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Windscreen claim with MSM was faultless and painless. I fitted it .... excess waived. Very prompt settlement.
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Prior to Frank Pickles change of conditions i've found Sureterm on par. Certainly worth a call Wink


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Ian B
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FWIW, and whilst I can still access the Old 7FAQ, here is the original 7FAQ/Contribute page:

(CAUTION, some of the data may be out of date now, but contacts may be useful)

The following are some insurance companies that insure Sevens, together with my personal experience of requesting quotes in Dec 2008:

Adrian Flux 0800 838833. http://www.adrianflux.co.uk
Best Price for me (but only by £5 after requoting, as they offered to beat any comparable quote on renewal). 
Quote included unlimited mileage, Protected NCB, Class 1 Business use, Agreed Value, 3rd party cover for other cars (useful as my other vehicle is a commercial and those policies don't usually include it). 
Have to ask for GOLD Dept. to get best service.

Caterham Insurance (from Apr 08) 0870 999 0501 http://www.caterham-insurance.com (added July 08). This is run by broker MC Edwards (Insurance Brokers) Ltd http://www.insurancemce.com M.C.Edwards (Insurance Brokers) Ltd
Includes 3 trackdays, Protected NCB, Class 1 Business use, and windscreen cover (with no excess). 
From Caterham Life: "If you are unlucky enough to have an incident you can relax in the knowledge that your car will only ever be repaired by Caterham technicians so your pride and joy will quickly be back to full health. As a little bonus, you will also get windscreen cover with a nil excess".

Caterham Insurance / Competition Car Insurance (before Apr 08) 0845 978 2610 http://www.caterham-insurance.co.uk (added Sept 08). This is run by broker Towergate, who bought the business from Richard Egger.

Footman James Ltd: 0121 561 4196 http://www.footmanjames.co.uk
Quite a bit more than AF renewal but with no business use, although did include unlimited mileage, a lower excess AND uk/Europe? breakdown cover

Glynwood Insurance Services Ltd 01543 675163 (formerly AW Marlow) http://www.glynwoodinsurance.co.uk Paul Edwards
VERY competitive offer straight away, and knowledgeable friendly service. Included class 1 business use, 7000 miles (or 9k miles for extra £25), Protected NCB and use of other vehicles 3rd party.

They also have European Assistance & Recovery (includes Homestart) via the RAC for £66 with NO VEHICLE AGE restriction (£45 if under 15yrs). I'd easily recommend them.

Hagerty 01327 856002 http://www.hagerty.com
Maximum mileage 5000 per annum.

Heritage 7. 0845 373 4777. http://www.heritage-quote.co.uk (added July 08)
Ad in July 08 Low Flying (no answer on the phone when I called). 
No under-25s (moca2cv, 17/04/09)

MSM 01279 870 535 http://www.msminsurance.co.uk
can't do with 6pts until 5 years after event (had an accident with them in 2003)

Osbourne & Sons Ltd: 020 8388 6000 Lloyd. http://www.osborneandsons.co.uk
Didn't try them this year (in 2006: 15% lower than AF renewal with lower excess but couldn't protect full NCB. 25% higher than AF renewal for class 1).

Ian B


Richard Egger Insurance 0115 985 0165 http://www.richardeggerinsurance.co.uk
Richard Egger & Steve Hallam set this up after selling out to Competition Car Insurance/Caterham? Insurance run by Towergate. Do not insure under-25's on Sevens (moca2cv, 16/4/09)

Sureterm 0800 999 2030 http://www.sureterm.com/kit-car-insurance/ Seem to be offering competitive deals in 2010.

Frank Pickles 01943 850999 http://www.frankpickles.co.uk/kit-car-insurance.asp
Broker offering range of very competitive policies (some underwritten by LV Liverpool Victoria) 
01943 850999 ask for Barry - barry(AT)frankpickles(dot)co(dot)uk


The Completely Superior Ride Seven Wink

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If you want trackday cover included I've always found Competition Cars to be the cheapest. Last yr I paid £390 with £250 excess, (£1000 trackday) & a mileage limit of 7,000 miles.

lucky chap
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Reinsured my R300 this week. After being given a renewal price of over £600 for the year, I did a quick bit of shopping around.

Although I've a clean license, have only just hit 30yrs old and I did have major claim in the Caterham last year and therefore using zero no claims bonus. Spoke to Footman James and was immediately given a price of £167 fully comp (no extras although many available) with limited mileage of 3000 per year. 

Excesses were extrmely low, around £100 for serious claims or there abouts.

Excellent value and very easy to deal with, would highly recommend their service and obviously appreciate their very reasonable charges.

Mark w
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Just had the renewal through on my 620R 

£390 for 3000 miles and 5 track days .

Last year I shopped around but struggled to find an insurer who didn't need a tracker given the value . 

I might ring round if I get a moment but this didn't seem too bad given the value and power .

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I am looking around for my first quote. I have only managed to get two so far,  Adrian Flux and Direct Line (main insurance is with them). Has anyone insured a 7 with Direct Line before? Any experiences of making a claim for a 7? It was a couple of hundred pounds cheaper so worth considering but not if they are a pain to deal with on specialist cars.